Here at Pain Management Associates we work with referring providers to give our patients the best coordinated care possible. As an interventional pain facility, we try to resolve pain by diagnosing and treating the cause rather than the symptoms. We believe our non-narcotic approach to pain management can enable patients to resume daily function, lessen their medication use, and lead to a better quality of life. All of the patients that come to our office are provided competent, compassionate care by one of our two experienced physicians Dr. Rodney Jones or Dr. Milton Landers.

How is our treatment different? We perform all of our procedures in a surgery center setting. This enables us to treat patients in a manner we believe is safer,  more comprehensive, and accurate than when performed in an office setting. We perform a wide range of different injections for many different types of pain. A list of commonly performed procedures with their corresponding CPT codes is available here: Procedures List with CPT Codes

How can I refer a patient? At Pain Management Associates we accept patients by physician referral only. If you have a patient you think would benefit from our services, you may fax an order for treatment along with an insurance referral (requirements vary), current demographic information, current insurance information, relevant clinical information, and current MRI report to our scheduling department at (877)892-9679. You can request that we contact your office or the patient directly to schedule. We accept most insurance!

***Please note, some insurance plans require prior authorization. Requirements will vary based on the type of insurance, but the majority do require conservative treatment before our procedures will be approved. Please contact our Insurance & Referrals department for more information.